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Do you experience poor windscreen washing performance? If you utilise your screenwash lever, maybe nothing occurs. Although the windscreen washer pump may cause a problem, but if you love tinkering with your automobile, you may repair or remedy it. Here, from diagnosing common defects to replacing the pump itself, we are offering a quick guide on how and where to choose the best Windscreen Washer Pumps in Australia.

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What is a Washer Pump and How does it Work?

The washer pump for a windscreen is a tiny pump that flows fluid from the washing tank to the washing unit. The pump is driven by an engine that generates sufficient pressure to push the fluid along the washing tubes and out of the washing nozzles on the windscreen, headlights, or back glass.

Windscreen Washer Pump Location

The washer pump is mounted on the base of the tank. There may be two pumps and two engines on certain cars, servicing the front as well as the back windscreens. The best approach to reaching the washing pump is often from below the car, although on some models, one of the front wheels may be removed and accessed through the open-wheel arch. Follow the washer nozzle feed lines from the top of the firewall if you're not sure where your windscreen washer pump is. You should also include a schematic of your engine arrangement in your handbook.

Common Washer Pump Faults and Solutions

Almost all the available Windscreen Washer Pumps Online in Australia can easily develop different faults which may disturb the washer's work or even stop them from spraying water properly. Some of the most common problems and their solutions are as followed:

  • Clogged Washer Nozzle

Blocked washer nozzles are one of the most common reasons for screenwash. This occurs when tiny dust and dirt particles enter the boxes on top of the cap to prevent the spray from operating. It’s highly recommended to use needles or pins to clean and remove the blockage in the nozzles.

  • Clogged Washer Feed Tubes

Dirt and pieces can sometimes get into the feed tubes that run from the container into the balls, causing obstruction and build-up. Intermittent spray or a total lack of dust screenwash are indications of an obstructed washing shell.

Start by detaching the hoses from the washer tank - they are fitted with clamps and a rubber grommet to release them, so you'll need a screwdriver. Then sprinkle the nozzle down on an airline or a can of pressurised air, to push the debris from the end of the washers. Don't do it otherwise, since you will put dirt and waste in the head of the bucket, where it will be difficult to remove.

How to Maintain Windscreen Washer Pumps?

When the washer jets are not used in the tank, there is a lot of pressure on the pump and the engine, which can lead to defects. When you apply screenwash to your car, don't let dirt and dust get inside the reservoir. Most filler caps contain a filter, however, if yours doesn't, it's highly recommended to use a funnel. Take a minute to give the washer jets a fast blow with a pressure rinse while you wash your car. You should also try to keep dirt out of the nozzles while cleaning and work away from them to stop grime.

Cost and Where to Find it Online?

Different quality Windscreen Washer Pumps Prices in Australia range somewhere from AUD 18 to as high as AUD 45, depending on the brand and material type you choose to buy. To get one of the best washer pumps online in Australia, Paylessdeal brings a handsome variety of online stores here on this page, offering windscreen washer pumps at various prices. Consequently, it allows you to choose the required washer pump for your vehicle, compare the rates from other stores, and save even more conveniently.