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Vitamin D (or Ergocalciferol)-is the hormone necessary for the correct operation of the human body. It is provided by both food and synthesized by the body. Plants containing natural vitamin D, give the body with the form D2 Calciferol. Food of animal origin and the effect of UV rays of the sun on the skin provide the human body Calciferlom D3.

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What is vitamin D

The Role of UV in the Sun

The role of ultraviolet rays in the sun is essential: it is particularly recommended irradiation of the skin for the effective transformation of vitamin D and the transfer of minerals such as calcium or phosphorus. To avoid vitamin D deficiency, people should take it as a dietary supplement if their daily food is not rich enough.

What is its role in the body?

Vitamin D, a substance soluble in fats (lipids), is necessary for the intake of minerals such as phosphorus and calcium to human bones. The transfer of minerals under the action of vitamin D occurs in the intestines and kidneys.

Vitamin D promotes the fixation of calcium on the human skeleton. The lack of vitamin D during the first months of life leads to bone fragility, which can subsequently become certain conditionally pathogenic diseases. Therefore, experts recommend adequate consumption of vitamin D in the breast age, pain in the appearance of adult diseases of rickets or women-osteoporosis. But the benefits of vitamin D's

  • Prevention of certain cancers;
  • decreased cardiovascular risk;
  • Limiting the risk of diabetes;
  • Combating certain neurological diseases (dementia, epilepsy).

Some specialists even give it therapeutic properties to treat such pathologies as Alzheimer's disease. For the prevention of multiple sclerosis, the effect becomes even more evident because a direct correlation between the population with vitamin D deficiency and a large number of cases of multiple sclerosis has been established.

What are the natural sources of vitamin D?

Fans of fatty fish, such as herring, salmon, mackerel or sardines, rejoice! These products contain vitamin D, so feel free to eat them every week. Compounds with a high content of fatty substances and triglycerides, such as eggs, cheese and butter, of course, also contain a lot.

The oldest remember a spoonful of cod liver oil, which their grandmothers were forced to swallow. This oil contains a lot of vitamin D, like all edible oils. Natural vitamin D, susceptible to light and oxidation, cannot be too recommended to keep all these sources of vitamin D from oxygen in the air, at room temperature or in moderate temperatures, and opaque capacities.

Additive to avoid vitamin D deficiency

In the case of vitamin D deficiency, the contribution in the form of dietary supplements may be substantial according to medical findings. Vitamin D can be taken in the form of ampoules, drops, pills or capsules. In conjunction with calcium supplementation with vitamin D, it is recommended for all women who have osteoporosis for the beneficial effects of vitamin D on bone density.

The balance of patients with osteoporosis has a higher and reduced risk of fracture. Doctors also insist on his defensive role against certain oncological diseases; Vitamin D for good health is considered to be effective, in particular for the prevention of colorectal cancer. Vitamin D also has a proven beneficial effect on the body's immune system.

Through recent research, it is found that Vitamin D Supplements Australia are highly beneficial for fighting against the Coronavirus. Although there isn't any vaccine for this Covid-19, the researchers found various solution to cure this virus. Vitamin D is highly recommended by doctors to fight from Coronavirus.

Interaction and Side effects

In the event of excessive consumption of vitamin D, risk of hypercalcaemia and kidney stones is the occurrence. The simultaneous use of certain anticonvulsants, antibiotics, or obesity drugs is strongly discouraged from taking vitamin D as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin D, a miracle cure? Some are not so far from thinking how the therapeutic virtues of this nutrient are essential not only for maintaining a lasting skeleton and preventing bone diseases, but also to prevent some cancers from appearing.

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