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When it comes to shopping for camping gear, the first and foremost thing you will consider is none other than a tent. Sometimes – especially if you are a beginner camper, your choice would be overwhelming as you don’t have enough ideas about tents. Well, buying Tents in Australia can be a complicated thing, thanks to the massive range of options from different recognised brands. Indeed, it’s a bit hard to know the exact type for your needs and adventures.

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Interestingly, below we have explained quite a few types of tents – so if you are not sure what to go for, scroll down and go through different types to choose the one you need.

Types of Tents

  • Geodesic Tents

Geodesic tents are equipped with different tent holes that cross each other to provide extra strength. These are great for camping since they can stand against harsher gusts. It should be noted that the geodesic aspect of a tent relies on the number of nodes it possesses. Thus, some tents can be explained as semi-geodesic.

  • Dome Tents

When you look for Tents Online in Australia, dome tents should be your priority – thanks to their easy-to-pitch and spacious design. They are designed for those who need a lot more space inside a tent, but these aren’t as technical as other available tents on the market.

  • Tunnel Tents

Different ropes and guy-lines are required to hold tunnel tents. They are bigger in size and need quite a time to put up and put away. They have different compartments inside, which actually makes them ideal for families.

  • Bell Tents

Bell tents come into action when you camp with your family and friends. They are designed with the biggest area on the front which you can customise or modify according to your needs.

Feature to Look before Buying

Choosing the Best Tents Online can be a daunting task. You’ll have to go through different aspects or features to fulfill your needs. Some of the major features you should look at are as follow:

  • Groundsheet
  • Ventilation
  • Vestibules
  • Hydrostatic Head
  • Poles or Air
  • Flysheet

Tent Accessories to Carry

There are lots of fantastic accessories to make your tent a complete home, such as tables, chairs, and rugs that can take your comfort to the next level. Though they are a wonderful way to add room and utility to your tent, you have to take into consideration that this will result in a weight increase and how much time it takes to pitch your tent, so balance is what you need.

Tents Price

Price, undoubtedly a factor you should consider while buying as usually Tents Prices in Australia range from approx. AU$80 to AU$300 whereas premium ones may cost AU$599 or more. According to experts, it’s highly recommended to spend a little bit extra bucks rather than choosing a cheap tent that can easily break in a storm and cannot survive. Normally, tents don’t break your banks as you can easily find a tent within your budget with the help of Paylessdeal, which brings a wide range of stores here on this page, offering tents at various prices. As a result, you can find your desired tent, compare prices, and finally get at unbeatable prices.