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The emergence of smartphones, tablets, and other advanced gadgets has resulted in a sharp decline in the demand for desktops. However, professional video editing, e-gaming, speed, capacity, to name a few, are factors that have made desktops irreplaceable.

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Therefore, experts belonging to corporate or technological sectors may need desktops to perform their job duties professionally. Australia is no exception where you can find people in a hunt for desktops.

However, the purchase decision about the desktop in continuously evolving technology can be tricky. So, we have up an informative review to help you make the best decision in your interest. Let’s begin.

Desktop Types

The desktop can be categorized into three different types.


The considerably sizeable upright case is one of the main features incorporated in such types of conventional desktops. Though these systems are bulky, they offer versatile use and enable users to modify and upgrade the systems as the need arises.


Compact desktops, commonly known as small form factor (SFF) or mini personal computer (PC), are also options that you can consider in Australia. Though they are not incorporated with built-in display units, they still include other processing units.


If you are searching for a multi-purpose desktop system with an attached screen in a relatively compact size, all you need is an all-in-one desktop. All-in-one desktops are equipped with all the components. In addition to this, they also come with big monitors. In short, the all-in-one desktops are screens with a processing unit installed behind them. Though they are not easily upgradeable, as in the case of conventional desktops with separate monitors, they occupy relatively less space and look trendy. So, if you prefer something compact with all essentials at hand, all-in-one PCs are worth considering.

How to select the best desktop in Australia?

Choosing the right desktop in Australia can be challenging. However, the best decision can be made after rigorous comparative analysis. If you want to compare different brands offering desktops, contemplating features is the only choice you have. Following are the critical features that you need to consider before making any final move.

Storage space

You will need it the most. So, better be sure of your storage requirements. If you want a desktop for professional use like video editing, you may need tons of space to pile up high-definition videos and software to process them. In brief, you must choose a desktop whose storage capacity is in line with your job requirements.  

CPU (central processing unit)

Since the CPU is known to be the desktop’s brain, the system’s performance is significantly reliant on the CPU. The processing power, number of cores incorporated, to name a few, are characteristics that determine your desktop’s performance. The higher the processing power, the higher the speed of the system will be. So, if you intend to use the computer for professional gaming, asking your vendor to maximize the processor is the right thing. However, in case you are only supposed to work on lighter applications like excel, word, etc., we do not recommend wasting money on outrageously high processors.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is another important aspect that needs to be given due consideration. Your system is likely to appear slower when doing multi-tasking if RAM is too low. So, you are advised to aim for maximum RAM in your budget range.

Graphics card

If the activity you intend to perform on the desktop is graphics-intensive, like playing high-end games, selecting desktops with better graphics is a wise decision. However, for day-to-day tasks, a particular graphics card is not required.

In what price range can I find a desktop in Australia?

The price range of the desktops varies depending upon the specifications of the particular model of the desktop under consideration. However, to facilitate readers, we have roughly estimated the price of desktops varying between $800-$5000. To be precise, the better the specification, the higher the price will be.