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The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind while buying Headphones Online in Australia is none other than the types.

Astro A40 TR Gaming Head.....

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Beats Studio3 Wireless He.....

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Bose Noise Cancelling 700

Compare 26 Price

Bose QC35 II

Compare 21 Price

Bose QuietComfort 35 II w.....

Compare 22 Price

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wire.....

Compare 4 Price

Corsair HS70 WIRELESS Hea.....

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House of Marley Positive.....

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HyperX Cloud Flight Head.....

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Jabra Elite 85h Head Phon.....

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Jabra Elite Sport Head Ph.....

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Jabra Evolve 75 Head Phon.....

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Jabra Move Wireless Head.....

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Jaybird Tarah Wireless Sp.....

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Jaybird X4 Wireless Bluet.....

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JBL E45BT Wireless on-ear.....

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JBL JR300BT Head Phones

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Alp.....

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Rev.....

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Sti.....

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Logitech G333 Wired Earph.....

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Logitech G430 7.1 Surroun.....

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Logitech G432 Head Phones

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Logitech G533 Wireless He.....

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Logitech USB Headset H390.....

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Did you ever try buying headphones online in Australia? Putting the entire look aside for a short while, there is literally nothing else you would possibly judge when looking for Headphones in Australia. According to the survey, many of us completely depend on the advice given by one of our friends, which sometimes leaves us confused to judge which one is the best to buy.

Well, there are a wide number of ways you can go through and find a headphone that will work for you flawlessly and seamlessly. Very much like RAM, Megapixels, and Storage, there are certain parameters that wouldn’t let you end up buying the wrong one. Let’s have a look at the things you need to keep in mind while looking for headphones online.

Headphones Types

The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind while buying Headphones Online in Australia is none other than the types. There are three major types you will be encountered with:

  • In-ears
  • On-ear
  • Over-ears

Over-ears headphones as compared to others, are considered exceptionally comfortable and can be the best option to buy. They are designed to provide the best possible sound quality, but the only drawback is that they are not portable and are slightly heavier.


If you want to listen to loud music, you should look into the specifications of your headset. The sensitivity indicates the loudness of the headset. The headphones are often around 110 dB/mW and should be specifically eliminated at something less than 85 dB/mW.


Even if you intend on going to a wireless headset, do not miss this part. Although a wireless headphone looks better and more convenient, you have to choose from wireless technology. It may either be Bluetooth or radio frequency. Bluetooth has usually a range of 30m and does not sound as good as any other wired headset - thanks to the battery or range problems. On the other hand, use a rubber-coated cord when wired, so the cord will quickly be tangled and broken quickly.


Impedance is called the power required for a headphone to operate. Most handheld devices such as smartphones have enough power to deliver headphones, but people with lower impedance may take maximum advantage of sound power.

Comfort & Design

Try to ensure the ears are secure with the headset. Most individual ears are not the same and not all headphones can accommodate them with ease. For younger people, they tend to have a tiny earbud that can blend in and doesn't quickly fall out.


You can get an impressive pair of headphones for under AU$27 to AU$145 in Australia, but the more you spend, the better headphones you get with pretty much every feature. How about giving a try to Paylessdeal which brings a number of online destinations here on this page with a wide range of headphones at various prices? It enables you to go through the number of details, compare the prices and choose one without spending extra bucks.