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The camshaft or lifter kits are an essential mechanical part of a car's engine. It makes it possible to regulate the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. The camshaft is a device dating from the Middle Ages. At the time, it was used in water mills specializing in threshing iron or tanning leather. Indeed, the more your camshaft will be well designed and machined, the more the power/engine output will be increased. Changing an Automotive Engine Camshaft and Lifter Kits in Australia will increase power and torque by optimizing the air/fuel mixture's filling.

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Price and Availability

Need to replace the camshaft or a lifter kit? There's no need to waste your time looking for stores and other gas stations. This will waste time and overpay for the part you want—the best and move on to our online store. Here you will have a huge selection of camshafts for all car brands. Automotive Engine Camshafts and lifter kits price in Australia ranges from 50 to 3000 AUD depending upon the car model type. 

Order your part there at a very affordable price. And we will take care of delivering it to you as soon as possible. Besides the camshaft, you can order many other spare parts for your automobile, such as the shock absorber bearing, the spark plugs, or the flange.


The camshaft is a main part of the automobile engine. The camshaft, also known as the "distribution shaft, " controls the valves' opening by transforming the rotary movement from the engine into longitudinal movement actuating the valves. It is a shaft, an elongated piece of metal, driven by a toothed wheel. The camshaft is a mechanical part used in 4-stroke internal combustion heat engines for synchronized valve control. It consists of a rod cylindrical with as many cams as valves controlled independently or in groups, sliding on the valve stem, or a mechanical return. It is positioned at the crankshaft (tumbled engine or side-valve engine) or above the cylinder head (overhead camshaft).

The control is done using a chain with pinions, most frequently cylindrical, or a toothed belt. The mounting and design of the motor determine the angular position of the shaft. The possible arrangements for the camshaft also depend on the architecture of the engine and its performance. In four-stroke internal combustion engines, such as automobiles, the complete cycle requires two revolutions of the crankshaft for one camshaft revolution. The shaft thus turns half as fast as the engine speed.

The cam follower element takes different names depending on the case. When the latter is subjected to a rectilinear translational movement, it is called a centered or eccentric tappet, depending on whether its axis meets that of the camshaft. If it performs an oscillating rotational movement around an axis, it is called a rocker arm.

As mentioned before, the shaft controls the opening of the valves. When the cam or the tappet does not attack the valve stem, the valve, subjected to the spring's action, remains closed. These openings and closings are therefore made mechanically.

 The materials used in the construction of the camshafts must withstand the high wear due to friction against the pushrods or rocker arms. For large-series engines, hardened cast iron is generally used on the cams and seats.

 The design of the cam is essential for its operation. Its profile determines the valves' opening movement, the opening time (timing diagram), and the valve lift. The cam profile is different for the intake and exhaust valves due to the laws that govern their operation.

Types of Camshafts

  • There are three main types:
  • The side camshaft: it is placed at the level of the crankshaft
  • The overhead camshaft: it is placed on the cylinder head
  • The double overhead camshaft: In short, the double camshaft is useful for competition cars.

How to check a faulty Camshaft and lifter kits?

The camshaft - the centerpiece of any timing mechanism, which serves to synchronize both intake and exhaust, as well as the cycles of engine operation. Today, in almost all modern automobile engines, the camshaft is located in the upper part of the block cylinder's head and is connected to the crankshaft via a pulley, a chain, or timing belt. This allows it to run at half the frequency of the previous version of the layout.

Abnormal noises like metallic banging determine the need to check the camshaft under the hood under various engine operating modes, too low pressure in the lubrication system, as well as a loss of engine power.

Camshaft diagnostics should be performed at a garage as this may require disassembly to find faults and estimate the level of damage. Thanks to special equipment, professionals estimate the contacts' radial feedback value and check whether the camshaft is deformed.